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Thread: Agile programming (was Re: [P|C] Banksel)
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"Gerhard Fiedler" wrote:
>> The only thing that changes with Agile, is how you approach software
>> development. Agile addresses two big fallacies with project
>> management: (1) men and months are interchangeable and (2)
>> requirements never change.
> I'm programming professionally for some 25 years now, on software
> projects, hardware projects, embedded firmware projects, and neither of
> these has been a premise/fallacy of the management of any project I've
> worked on. So this can't be something that "changes with Agile".
> You need to have some experience with the many different ways projects
> and people can be managed to know whether something is really new.

I never said that Agile was new. Many people have been doing things the
"Agile" way at the dawn of computing (1957, if you believe the guy).
However, the waterfall model (along with the Gantt chart) is still what they
teach in project management courses in college, and from time to time I hear
people advocating the "traditional" (fixed requirements, heaps of
documentation) way of programming -- including here on the PICList.

We agree on many things when it comes to software development (HLL vs
assembly, meaningful names vs comments, to name a couple). Perhaps you've
been an agilist all your life, and are blissfully unaware of the fact.
That's fine with me, I don't care what you call it or whether you even have
a name for it. :)

>> Agile accepts the fact that software is written by people (for
>> people), and that change happens.
> Many other ways do that, too. No bible and no religion (not even an
> agile one :) necessary for this...

Sure, but the prevailing wisdom is that you have to plan everything in
detail in advance, fix requirements at the beginning of the project, and put
provisions in the contract that deter the customer from making changes after
the project's been started. Am I wrong?


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