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Thread: Microwave affecting WiFi
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> OK, I tried it again and detected some signal at the hinges (needle
> deflecting ~1/3 of the way).

I'd say "1/3 deflection" is moe than "some" !!! :-).
And you can probably get 100% deflection with intelligent positioning.
You seem to have a nice slot radiator as suggested - just a shorter one than
could have been.

Sounds like it's working about right AND has found what you are looking for.

> The thing that confused me, is that the signal
> is not constant -- the needle deflects once maybe every 2 or 3 seconds.

As adumbrated / noted by me and others, ovens set their power by PWMing at
0/100% power with a cycle time of typically 10 to 20 seonds. That's SLOW PWM
So you can use it to advantage to not be there when the powe ris.

>> If you do this on low setting and wait until the
>> long off part of the cycle (you can tell by the sound it makes) then you
>> can
>> do this with safety.

> However, the leak is directed straight at the media PC. Should I try using
> metallic tape to seal the crack?

Or turn it 90 degrees temporarily to see what happens. Or place a metal
sheet in front of the slot temporarily. Noting that you now have a mirror
and may have a "lens" :-).
Standing at a few feet remove helps heaps.

{Quote hidden}

Welcome to the club. We cowards tend to have longer lives. I'm seen as a
risk taker but I always try and take my risks with as much understanding as
possible - I don't see it as risky - rather intelligent dancing. eg if your
oven when set to 10% power level hums for 2 seconds and then makes far less
noise for 18 seconds then repeats ad infinitum, you can guess that it is
powering on during those two seconds. Placing the meter at the door hinge
and observing from a distance will help confirm this. If so you can then do
apparently risky things in the middle of that 18 second block. The designers
MAY catch you out, and cracking the door in the midst of a cycle MAY cause
the oven to emit briefly as the in\terlocks shut it down (there's no
accounting for software) but odds are the risk is very low. YMMV. Let it do
so intelligently.

An alternative to all this is to complain to the supplier. And/or check
another nominally identical oven and see if it is as badly affected.

Or add shielding, as you say.

Aren't you glad you bought the meter? :-)


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