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Thread: Agile programming
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I agree.  Unfortunately we do have hard, fast rules... all the way down to
cubicle sizes.  Strangely, managers are required NOT to have outside
windows.  The put all our managers in a row with floor to ceiling windows in
their little offices that have no blinds (they have to go to conference
rooms for visual privacy), and they're all on an interior wall.  

The "bullpen" is in the center of the space, with a few "large cubicles"
against outside windows.  The "rules" say those are for "leads" and other
technical gurus.  

Most of the technical gurus either use them and hate them (glare on their
monitors from the windows), keep the blinds closed all day, or just elect to
sit in the bullpen area instead for as long as they can get away with, until
Facilities notices their title doesn't match their desk size.

It looks just like a car dealership showroom that had a bunch of cubicles
plopped down in the middle of it, and my boss laughs when we go into his
office and I ask him, "Is it time to sign the loan paperwork for the car,

Generally he just walks out into the bullpen if we tell him something's up.
We do that via IM or just walking over and someone saying, "You'd better
come see this..."

The other jokes include, "Managers aren't allowed near the windows to keep
them out of the blast radius of the rental truck bomb in the parking lot."
And, lots of good natured ribbing of the "leads" who've ended up in the
outside cubicals about "Hey, I can't read your monitor.  Can you?"

The only good thing about all the cubes... we ALL have our own small
whiteboards.  My favorite feature.  So much so that I hung a small
whiteboard at home not too far from my desk there too...


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