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Thread: Embed inc copyright notice on PIC environment source code-was Banksel
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Olin Lathrop wrote:
> Rolf wrote:
>> Moved to TECH as it is not off-topic, and copyright affects us all.
> How arrogant.  You were told to shut up about it,
No, I was told to change the tag from [PIC].

I did.

get over it.

Also, don't shoot the messenger.

Getting upset does not make the embed inc copyright notice useful or
not. And, it is in everyone's best interest if the embed inc copyright
status was resolved.

You are the person who took us down the road telling us all information
that is in all likely-hood inconsistent with the legal notices in your code.

This is clearly your issue, not mine. I'll simply avoid any code from
embed inc and continue to recommend that people consult a lawyer before
copying *any* code, not just the embed inc code (like I do all the
time... we have a whole legal department here at work that ensures our
copyright compliance with all sorts of things).

Obviously you have no intention to tackle the issue in a reasoned way,
so I'll back off. There, done.


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Subject (change) Embed inc copyright notice on PIC environment source code-was Banksel

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