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Thread: Agile programming (was Re: [P|C] Banksel)
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Vitaliy wrote:
> "Rolf" wrote:
> [after generous snipping]
> [Rolf, please try to format your posts so that they're not all one long
> block of text.. please]
not quite sure what I did wrong, but anyways ....

> >From where I stand, Agile is certainly not "fuzzy". After you've had
> experience with it, you would start develop an intuitive understanding of
> what is Agile, and what is not -- and you would be able to explain why.
As I have said, I don't yet 'grok' the concept of Agile...
>> 9. I believe software development is like a marriage...
> I've heard many software analogies before ("building software", "growing
> software", etc) but "marrying software" is a first! :-D
You're welcome.
>> 10. Why not use agile for our stuff? Well, we have 25 years of
>> investment in our product, and it is written parts in Cobol, C, C++, C#,
>> Java, web applications (asp, jsp, html, perl/CGI, javascript, ajax,
>> etc.), Windows GUI's, X GUI's, command-line, batch, interactive. The
>> biggest challenge is sometimes deciding whether to re-use a component or
>> to re-write. In most cases, re-using makes most sense.
> I fail to see your point.
maybe I just got lost in rambling... and there is no valid point.

> I can see people drawing biblical parallels already. :) However, if you want
> to have a real discussion about Agile, these are the points you should be
> addressing, not what you *think* Agile is. I'm starting to get tired of
> explaining what Agile is *not*.
I am not trying to advocate for or against Agile. You asked me how
things happen where I work. I tried to answer, trying also, within my
limited comprehension, to identify what I thought were or were not agile
traits. I am not particularly interested in learning more about Agile
right now (My brain is full of copyright and finance stuff at the
moment...), I was more trying to provide you with answers to your questions.
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All people make mistakes. Hopefully they are not too harmful, and
hopefully we learn something. Then hopefully we can move on.


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