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Thread: Embed inc copyright notice on PIC environment source code-was Banksel
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Rolf wrote:
> Moved to TECH as it is not off-topic, and copyright affects us all.

How arrogant.  You were told to shut up about it, but yet you keep going.
Your excessive nit picking is way beyond any legitimate interest of the
PIClist.  I wouldn't reply at all if I didn't feel I had to defend myself.
I, and probably most here by now don't care anymore what you think.  You've
beat this horse well past death a few times.  Give it a rest already.

> Even as object code, the translated (assembled)
> object code has the same license terms as the source code

That's absurd.

> Fascinating stuff.

No, just tedious.

You've had your say at length.  You've been asked to stop.  Can we get back
to PICs and electronics and related things that people actually came here
for now?  If you want to continue this discssion go to the
EraseMEanal-nitpicking-lawyersKILLspamspampaperpushingdweebs.org or someplace.

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Subject (change) Embed inc copyright notice on PIC environment source code-was Banksel

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