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Thread: Microwave affecting WiFi
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"apptech" wrote:
>>> I found that ovenes usually have som slot somewhere that provides some
>>> signal.
>>> Door slots a good place to start.
>> Got the meter today. No signal anywhere around the oven.
>> No reaction to the WiFi's antenna, either.
>> Broken meter?
> Maybe.
> WiFi is unlikely to register I think.
> Place it hard up against the most likely places.

OK, I tried it again and detected some signal at the hinges (needle
deflecting ~1/3 of the way). The thing that confused me, is that the signal
is not constant -- the needle deflects once maybe every 2 or 3 seconds.
However, the leak is directed straight at the media PC. Should I try using
metallic tape to seal the crack?

> If no response at all then the brave/foolish could try cracking the door
> as
> far as the interlocks will allow and seeing what comes out. I'd try that,
> but carefully. Easing the door open with the oven running will show you
> where the cutouts cut in. If you do this on low setting and wait until the
> long off part of the cycle (you can tell by the sound it makes) then you
> can
> do this with safety.

Sorry, call me a coward if you want, but this just reminds me of the sort of
thing that happen prior to the criticality accidents.


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