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> However... I have to agree 100% that the software industry is awful.
> Companies tend to go bankrupt when they fail to ship products, so they
> ship crap knowing they will be better off than if they spent more time
> fix bugs.  There just really isn't any punishment for writing buggy
> software like there for designing a building that collapses.
> Someone once said that if the car industry was run like the computer
> industry, we would all be driving BMW's that got a thousand miles to
> gallon and cost $80 but would randomly explode after a few years,
> everyone inside.

A quick example, a colleague was considering buying a Jaguar XK, so we
were looking at a UK car review website (http://www.hoestjohn.co.uk) where you
can check common faults and recalls.  I was slightly concerned to see
this one!

"April 2004: Recall because 6-speed automatic of latest cars can slip
into reverse at high speed due to computer software problem (per 'Auto
Express' 21-4-2004)"



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