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Thread: The moon is not made of cheese ...
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> Always nice to know your own project is successful ...
> http://www.stfc.ac.uk/PMC/PRel/STFC/C1XSresult.aspx
> even if it was only a part of the power supply, and some PCB layout that I
> did for it.

Are you suggesting that cheese doesn't XRay fluoresce?

Congratulations - I know how it feels to see one's "children" doing well.

Here's some recent photos of 'my' BOGO children in Africa.


These are the first 'in the field' photos that I've seen of the 'new'
lights - there are photos all over the web of the 1st generation SL1
version - these are the "SL2" with multiple lighting levels and boost
converter etc. You'd think, and I'd have thought, that getting something so
realtively simple to this stage would be, if not actually easy, at most just
a matter of logiocally working away at things to reach the target. But, tis
not so. The hurdles have been immense and the interesting happenings


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