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Thread: Microwave affecting WiFi
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Yes, both the newest and the oldest microwave ovens are using 2.45Ghz,
but there is a major difference in spectral content between an owen
with a magnetron supplied with a transformer followed by a doubler
(2KV DC to 4KV pulses with half of the mains frequency) and a
magnetron supplied by an inverter without any filtering capacitor on
the inverter supply (as all Panasonic/Sharp models are)
There is also a major difference between a real microwave oven
manufactured in 1990 (with a real steel thinkness of about 1-1.5mm)
and a toy one from 2009 (0.5mm stainless steel).

And yes, the QAM is far away to be the top of the communication
modulations as is claimed. Wimax have exactly the same problesm as
WIFI, multiplied by 256/16 times...


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