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Thread: Microwave affecting WiFi
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You could probably use your WiFi router to test whether the meter works.

I have had problems with microwaves interfering with wifi before. I
also have a general-coverage radio receiver which covers up to 3.3GHz
and it can easily hear the output of many microwave ovens. I think
that the amount of RF which is allowed to leak out of a microwave oven
is usually higher than the wifi signal strength.

I believe that the maximum allowed level is 5mW/cm^2. Imagine that you
have a sphere around the microwave with a radius of 1 meter and that
it has an average of 5mW/cm^2 on its surface. This would work out to
630W of radiation. Of course, any leakage is likely to be in a narrow
range of angles, so let's say that 1/1000th of the surface has
5mW/cm^2. This is still 600mW of radiation - much more than any
home-based wifi transmitter (which would be about 10mW).


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