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Thread: Microwave affecting WiFi
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> Its all supposed to stay INside that little Farraday cage.

> If it's interfering with the WiFi, some is getting out!

Indeed and indeed.
BUT it's also fitted with a number of slot radiators (4 on the doors and
maybe some where the case lines fit) and while people have added some nasty
attenuators to spoil their act, a teeny bit does get out (say the sniffers
that I have used).

Also, the conducted signal on eg the mains cord will be "low".
But, if a signal 120 dB down from what's talking to your food can manage to
talk to your WiFi then you'll know about it.
It's a tribute to their engineering that they manage attenuations in excess
of that, while doing their best to use no more than bent steel. (Alas a
little Beryllium, Silicon, copper etc usually seems to be necessary as
well.)(Follow the 'EHT' lead to find the Beryllium).


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