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Thread: Microwave affecting WiFi
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> We bought a Sharp R209KKW oven, and recently noticed that it is affecting
> WiFi (802.11g). When watching a movie over WiFi, the stream would stop
> when
> the microwave is turned on. It happens every time.

> Is this something I should be concerned about, personal health-wise? The
> microwave is about 10 feet from the router, and 20 feet from the media PC
> (not directly in the line of sight).

> AFAIR, this was never an issue with the old microwave.

uWave ovens are a known show stopper for WiFi, both using the same ISM band.
As an oven uses a magnetron cavity tuned resonator the exact location in the
band probably varies between brands and models.
I imagine (and this is from general and not 'specific to this application'
RF experience) that a small change in frequency MIGHT make a large

It may be (and i'm making this up as I go) that you MAY be able to retune
the oven by playing with its magnetron ever so slightly).

Re health - you can get cheap diode based RF sniffers that will give at
least some reading on the worst locations on any oven and so can then be
used to effectively go over an oven of unknown provenance to check it's
safety. Worst outlets in a faulty oven are liable to be where there is a
long slit. A door edge slit is the most likely I imagine. I've sniffed a few
uWave ovens 9using the apposite technology) and found some variation and som
that seem quite enthusiastic at some points.

Also long ago I found that a randomly selected  (ie the one I was holding)
portable phone could be used as a reasonable sniffer with acoustic output
(use loudspecking mode and keep your head clear :-) ).

Odds are a modern new oven is reasonably safe - especially one sold into the
US market by an experienced constructor. But, sniffers are cheap and can be
shared around.

On reflection, your oven is almost certainly made in China. Common prudence
(based on far too much recent experience, alas) suggests that, name brand
notwithstanding,  a modicum of testing would be wise.


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