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Thread: Microwave affecting WiFi
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Vitaliy wrote:
> We bought a Sharp R209KKW oven, and recently noticed that it is affecting
> WiFi (802.11g). When watching a movie over WiFi, the stream would stop when
> the microwave is turned on. It happens every time.
> Is this something I should be concerned about, personal health-wise? The
> microwave is about 10 feet from the router, and 20 feet from the media PC
> (not directly in the line of sight).

Some people would consider it a health hazard, but they might consider
the wifi to be a health hazard too.

Just to be safe you might get a microwave oven leak detector.

20 or 30 feet is pretty short, you could probably move things around a
little bit and get better connectivity. Just a few inches can make a big

There are plans on the web for slide-on-the-antenna parabolas made out
of cardboard and aluminum foil. I have made them and they do work,
giving you some directionality and a little gain, 2 or 3 db as I recall.

> AFAIR, this was never an issue with the old microwave.

It might have been defective, operating out of band, or just better

In my office, 60 feet from the access point, in another building, wifi
gets intermittent when I run the microwave. But at home (different wifi
and microwave and shorter distances and wood frame construction) I don't
have any problem running them both.


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