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Thread: Keeping Solar panels cool
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> This might not be tech but OT, anyhow, i was mulling over my
> brilliant idea for an electronic gel controlled butter dish
> (seriously), when i thought about solar panels.
> As their efficiency drops as they get hot - a bit of a paradox really
> seeing as what cause them to get hot. Anyhoooo it got me wondering if
> anyone had tried commercially cooling solar panels to maintain output.
> Perhaps by pumping evaporative coolant, or have a waterfall run over
> them - hmm that probably wouldn't do much for solaristion uptake.

I have found that running enough water over the front surface to keep the
surface always covered by a very thin film produced a significant increase
in power output due to cooling.
In situations where you had a moderate amount of water available this may be
It does show that cooling by some means really works.
(Tried on 50 Watt Glass/EVA/Silicon standard pane;.)

It's EE actually, but TECH is fine.


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