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apptech wrote:
> to go from a claim 4 years ago that during the last 60 years we were
> seeing
> a 1000 year high in sunspot activity, to a bottom of cycle 50 year
> (and
> almost 100 year) record period without any sunspot activity at all,
> seems
> strange, at least.

This would be exactly the expected symptoms from a small rise in amplitude
of the sunspot cycle.  It would be very strange if such a large scale
oscillation didn't vary in amplitude occasionally.  Put another way, it
would be silly to expect it to be a pure sine at just the major observed
frequency.  Regardless of the exact mechanism, surely there are multiple
feedback paths at work.  That makes a pure sine extremely unlikely.  Most
likely there is even a chaotic contribution, much like our own (and much
more pronounced) El Nino for example.

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