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Thread: Multiple Monitors
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On 2009-01-06 05:05:23, William "Chops" Westfield wrote:

> So what kind of non-standard SW is there for managing multiple
> monitors (Mac OR PC.)  I've tried them a couple of times and find it
> really obnoxious to have "the desktop" extended across monitors that
> have different sizes and aren't actually next to each other (and "not
> good" even when they are "tiled.")  

As other have said, with WinXP the desktop elements don't spread across
several monitors and stay on your primary desktop.

FWIW, I use MaxiVista <http://www.maxivista.com/> to add a third monitor
that is connected to a system that I use as a file server etc. I don't
work on it normally, but I have a monitor on it, and I can use that
monitor as third monitor of the system I'm working on. With a quick
keyboard shortcut I can switch it back to the server if I have to do
something there.

> What I'd like is some utility that would allow me to throw up certain
> pages (windows of running apps, I guess) onto the second monitor
> where it would stay, untouchable, till I do something else special to
> get rid of it.   Meanwhile, the "main" monitor would get all the
> normal behavior, all the menus, and all the mouse pointers...

At some point I tried UltraMon <http://www.realtimesoft.com/ultramon/>
but didn't find it necessary for me. It adds a few monitor-related
commands to the usual windows-related commands and may do some of what
you're talking about here.

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