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Thread: Multiple Monitors
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>So what kind of non-standard SW is there for managing
>multiple monitors (Mac OR PC.)

Not sure what you are doing that gives you problems with multiple monitors,
but I have no problem with them.

The trick is to be using XP or Vista when using Windows (don't know what the
story is with Macs), as then each monitor is 'sort of' treated separately.

On W2k it treats multiple monitors as one big screen, and so if you have two
monitors the logon prompt bridges across both, but on XP and later they are
treated in a more sensible manner. Then the only way to have a window bridge
across both monitors is to not have it maximized, so you can move it around.

However with XP and Vista, as soon as you maximize a window, it is maximized
on the monitor that has the largest percentage of the shrunk window, which
can make moving a maximized window between monitors a clever trick - shrink
the window, move it slightly so the other monitor has more of the window and
maximize again.

So no non-windows non-standard software required.

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