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Thread: Multiple Monitors
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"William "Chops" Westfield" wrote:
>> And I do, of course, use the second monitor for reference docs while
>> I do my
>> coding on the first monitor.
> So what kind of non-standard SW is there for managing multiple
> monitors (Mac OR PC.)  I've tried them a couple of times and find it
> really obnoxious to have "the desktop" extended across monitors that
> have different sizes and aren't actually next to each other (and "not
> good" even when they are "tiled.")  What I'd like is some utility that
> would allow me to throw up certain pages (windows of running apps, I
> guess) onto the second monitor where it would stay, untouchable, till
> I do something else special to get rid of it.   Meanwhile, the "main"
> monitor would get all the normal behavior, all the menus, and all the
> mouse pointers...
> But I've never had enough motivation to try to track down third party
> multi-monitor apps that might be useful.  Does anyone have suggestions?

Well, it kind of makes sense to have the monitors next to each other.
Multiple monitor configurations are supported natively by Windows, and you
have two choices: you can treat the two monitors as a single extra-wide
monitor, or have a primary and secondary monitors (which is probably what
you want).

In this configuration, your taskbar and icons reside on the primary monitor
(unless you move them).

Display Properties lets you align the monitors so that the cursor doesn't
"jump" while crossing the boundary.


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