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Thread: Jet ski -- possible ways for the water to get in theengine?
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Vitaliy wrote:
> Martin wrote:
>> Did the rental cost him $1200 or did flooding the engine supposedly
>> cause damage?
> The rental company claimed that the damage was caused by flooding the
> engine, so they made him pay for it. IMHO, the issue wasn't pressed hard
> enough (for various reasons).
I used to work on a farm - flooded many small engines many times, never
caused any permanent damage - but I digress.

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I didn't say that the government should have to impose regulation. I
don't want to start talking about free markets again, but if this were
the point, I said "buyer beware" - if you don't want to sign the
contract, don't give them your money. Unfortunately the contract means
you've given away any rights what-so-ever. It's not equitable. Common
sense and good morals are neither common nor profitable.

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Subject (change) Jet ski -- possible ways for the water to get in theengine?

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