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Thread: Jet ski -- possible ways for the water to get in theengine?
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Martin wrote:
> Did the rental cost him $1200 or did flooding the engine supposedly
> cause damage?

The rental company claimed that the damage was caused by flooding the
engine, so they made him pay for it. IMHO, the issue wasn't pressed hard
enough (for various reasons).

> Unfortunately it seems that "buyer beware" means that you can't actually
> buy anything; the business always has it's best interest covered when
> you sign away your rights. Getting businesses to agree to any consumer
> rights usually means passing a law.

It's difficult for me to share this point of view. As a believer in the free
market and a small business owner, I am always weary of the government
imposing additional regulations. Laws are no substitute for common sense nor
good morals, nor a guarantee that a consumer won't "get screwed".

FWIW, based on our company experience, the credit card company always sides
with the customer. We had a situation recently where a customer shipped back
a box that had some cables, but not the actual device (and the weight on the
shipping label reflected that). We notified the customer of the mistake, did
not get a reply, and so went ahead and charged his card for the difference.
He did a chargeback, and the credit card company let it stand. The next time
he placed an order (using a different name and address), we (naturally
enough) told him we won't do business with him, and all of a sudden he
"found" the $200 device that was missing from the box.

I recently told Forrest Christian that the position of the credit card
company makes perfect sense, as much as it may seem unfair from the POV of
the small business. The burden of proof should be on the business, not the
consumer. I just hope that in this particular case our credit card company
will act consistently. :-)

> It sounds like if you get screwed you should at least write reviews at
> whatever websites you can to let other people know your bad experience.

Have I mentioned that I've had other bad experiences? :) The detailed plan
for retaliation has been in place since the last time I've been taken
advantage of, and this time I am quite determined not to "let it go": it is
a matter of principle. At the same time, I really really hope it doesn't
come to that, but I am prepared.


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