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Thread: Jet ski -- possible ways for the water to get in theengine?
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Did the rental cost him $1200 or did flooding the engine supposedly
cause damage?

Unfortunately it seems that "buyer beware" means that you can't actually
buy anything; the business always has it's best interest covered when
you sign away your rights. Getting businesses to agree to any consumer
rights usually means passing a law.

It sounds like if you get screwed you should at least write reviews at
whatever websites you can to let other people know your bad experience.

Vitaliy wrote:
> A couple of years ago a friend did a chargeback for a jet ski rental,
> because the jet skis he rented would not start when he brought them to the
> lake. The owner retaliated by claiming that the jet ski was rolled over
> (i.e., that he flooded the engine), and charged him $1200 (IIRC). The credit
> card company sided with the rental company.
> Vitaliy

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Subject (change) Jet ski -- possible ways for the water to get in theengine?

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