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Thread: Jet ski -- possible ways for the water to get inthe engine?
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> Vitaliy wrote:
> > Carl Denk wrote:
> >  
> >> Does this unit have a sealed cooling system,
> >> or circulate sea water?
> >>    
> >
> > I believe it circulates the lake water, based on what I was told and also
> > because it's relatively common for the "oil hot" light to come on at low
> > speeds.

Two things come to mind -

The cooling system is sealed, with coolant in the engine, and connected
to a heat exchanger to the lake water. So you can overheat the engine
under any condition if there is low or no coolant. But the lake water
can also boil when the coolant is fine and not boiling because the
coolant is under pressure and it's propylene glycol(safer for the
fishies than ethylene glycol) so it naturally has a higher boiling point
than water.

Also, you have a broken intake valve. Intake valves break when they
stick open and get hit by the piston. They stick open because they are
bent. They bend if you over-rev the engine, the valve floats a little
and gets knocked closed by the piston. Do that a few times and the valve
starts sticking and the whole thing goes south in a hurry.

If it was an exhaust valve it could be something else, but it's an
intake valve, which run cooler but are heavier and float first when

Just my 2 cents and general experience blowing engines.

Best of luck with it. I would guess you have a losing fight in court,
your only hope is if your credit card company can rescue you.

Best regards,


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Subject (change) Jet ski -- possible ways for the water to get inthe engine?

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