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Thread: Jet ski -- possible ways for the water to get in theengine?
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> Can you get the engine parts inspected by a reputable independent
> mechanic/mech. engineer.? You should be able to get the rental place
> to agree to this if they are convinced the problem was caused by water
> ingestion, and a knowledgeable inspector should be able to give a
> better opinion from examining the parts than we can from photographs.
> The local Kawasaki agent may be able to suggest someone, or a local
> university/polytech with an engineering dept??

The problem is finding someone impartial, or at least someone who would be
biased in my favor. It seems like most jet ski engine experts work for
places that rent them out.

> Otherwise, you may have to do a chargeback & then they will have to
> chase you through the small claims court or whatever & provide the
> proof.

A couple of years ago a friend did a chargeback for a jet ski rental,
because the jet skis he rented would not start when he brought them to the
lake. The owner retaliated by claiming that the jet ski was rolled over
(i.e., that he flooded the engine), and charged him $1200 (IIRC). The credit
card company sided with the rental company.


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Subject (change) Jet ski -- possible ways for the water to get in theengine?

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