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Thread: back to the farm was : Printed solar panels
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> Cedric Chang wrote:
> Sort of like owning a alt-energy oil well.  Lots of
> > owners of the modular units.  I would own the land.
> This is nice.
> But oil owner/producers will kill you :-(
> --
> Ciao, Dario

Ah, if only you could be so lucky.

I occasionally work for a venture capitalist, and they get a couple of these
"I'm gunna buy some cheap land and slap some solar/wind/whatever powered
things on it" plans each month.  Quite popular, apparently.

They all get rejected, but not for any reason you might suspect.

Grab a map, and chuck a dart at your "cheap land".  There's plenty of it,
it's called "desert".  Come to Oz, we've got heaps!  Anyhoo, draw a line
between your plant and the nearest spot on the grid.  First problem, it's
probably a long line = not cheap.

The real killer is who owns the land that line goes across, and what's on
it.  No-one wants a power transmission line on their land.  The odd grazier
(rancher) might not mind as it doesn't bother the sheep too much, but
everyone else will tell you to sod off.  Well, the guvmint can force it, but
that's hardly fair now, is it?

Let me know when you start pouring the foundations for the towers.

This would fit well into the "talk is cheap" thread.


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