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Thread: : Data transfer between a PIC and a PC (easy solution for thePC side). How to?
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I need to transfer data between a PIC based application and a PC. The PC is
used as an MMI for the application, i.e. it configures the parameters for
the PIC and shows the status of the application.

A few years ago, i did such things using borland c++. this allowd me to
program an mmi which generated command sequences for the PIC and interpreted
it's status messages. as this was win98 based, it allowed to 'directly'
access hardware, i.e. accessing the serial interface of the PC (rs232) was
relatively simple.

Now, i'm using winXP and my old applications do not work anymore, as
hardware access of winXP is completely different...so i have to do something

What's the easiest way to write a PC application, which gives acces the PC's

I think to be a bit more future proof, using USB instead of the serial
interface (rs232) would be a good idea, but as a fall-back-solution, the
serial interface would be possible too.

how can i access these interfaces in a simple way with today's technology?

thanx for your help!
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