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Well, they built out most of the functions of the OMAP processor, and
the processor doesn't include an ethernet MAC.

I imagine they also wanted to avoid adding cost (or increasing board
size) where it might not be used, since the USB is high speed
(480mbps) and already supports ethernet, wifi, and bluetooth modules
out of the box.

Still, I know one of the reasons so many linux boards have ethernet
onboard is that it's the fastest way to upload linux and a disk image
- right now the board doesn't support USB bootloading, so you're stuck
with serial (ugh!), JTAG (still not very fast), or using a memory card
(They brought back the venerable sneakernet!).

Once past bootstrapping your device, though, using a USB ethernet or
wireless adaptor doesn't seem so bad, and gives you a little bit of


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