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Thread: Helmholtz coil manufacturers
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Nasa has used them to remove magnetic fields from objects (ie, a
residual field on a piece of hardware going into space).  You don't
want to go to the red planet and worry about ferrite gunking up your
mechanics or sensors.

You can use the coil to cancel out the Earth's magnetic field, and
then test CRT tubes inside it.

You can test sensitive electronic equipment in a strong varying field
before deploying it to a factory where it'll reside next to a monster
motor winding.

You can construct plasma balls inside it and know they aren't going to
zip around due to external fields (or make them move according to your

You can place atmoic clocks in them to make sure external fields are
compensated for and don't affect the accuracy of the clock.

You can use it with a very sensistive field detector in a closed loop
to enhance the sensitivity or range of the sensor.


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