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Thread: Magnetic field viewing film - bistable, high resolution
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>Wow, I didn't even know this stuff existed!
> http://www.q-card.com/pdf/Developer%20sales%20sheet%20rev2.pdf
>Yes, you still can.

Great. Yes it is great fun to use. I did have reason to use it in serious
manner on a couple of occasions, and recommend its use on another couple.

Great for looking at sectoring on disks or (as illustrated on above link)
channels on tape.

<087401c8f7d3$1a4e5340$1979f682@space.rl.ac.uk> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=magnetic+field+viewing
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Subject (change) Magnetic field viewing film - bistable, high resolution

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