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Thread: Helmholtz coil manufacturers
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Are you trying to build a time machine?

Sorry, that was my first impression (meaning a "Helmholtz coil" sounds
like the type of weird concoction which would be part of a time machine
- you know right alongside the flux capacitor), and after looking at the
pictures of the gear and reading the datasheet at
http://www.meda.com/Data_Sheets/hcs01.pdf , I'm not 100% convinced that
a Helmholtz coil isn't the key component in either a time machine or
other similar devices.

After all, anything which includes the following description:
"In the open loop system, fixed currents are passed through the coils to
produce a coarse null in the control volume. The null is trimmed to its
final value under computer control. Precision control currents are added
to the fixed currents to generate accurate and stable uniform fields
within the control volume"
*has* to be from some science-fiction story.  Especially when the
features include "Three Square Concentric Orthogonal Helmholtz Coils"
and "±200,000 nT Control Field Range."

So on a more serious note, what exactly do you use a Helmholtz coil
for?  In the real world, that is...all of the purposes I could come up
with seem rather esoteric or more easily obtained in another way.


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