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Thread: Helmholtz coil manufacturers
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Well, here are three more manufacturers (the third and fourth show
single axis as cots equipment, but you might be able to work with them
on a triaxial version, or they should be able to direct you to someone
who can do it for you):


This person seems to have some experience building and characterizing them:

Depending on your specific needs you might try using a consultant.

This company seems to have some experience in building and
characterizing them as well:
though no COTS versions.

Other links of note:

has magnetic viewing film that looks to be cheap enough for fun and
experimentation... ( -you faintly hear sounds of Adam tucking that
link away for future use- )

Out of curiosity, what's the application?  Why don't you build one
yourself and use a fluxmeter to calibrate it?  A NASA article (
http://www.nasa.gov/offices/oce/llis/0671.html ) gives enough details
on a particular design that you could readily replicate their results
as a starting point.

You could even use a (relatively) cheap three axis magnetometer to add
closed loop feedback to a control system for the coil.


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