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Thread: Canon HF100 camcorder (was: [EE] SDHC Cards,was Re:Digital Sound)
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On 8/5/08, Olin Lathrop <@spam@olin_piclist.....spamEraseMEembedinc.com> wrote:
> Spehro Pefhany wrote:
> >> HD video is 1920 x 1080 pixels
> >> per frame, which is 2.1 Mbyte.
> >
> > With no compression or chroma subsampling there are 3 bytes per pixel.
> Oops, you're right.  However 8 bits per color per pixel is highly optimistic
> color resolution.  The actual uncompressed information is probably somewhere
> closer to 12 bits/pixel, but I don't have any solid evidence to support
> that.

That would suprise me greatly - I would expect experts to complain
long and loudly if the camcorder only recorded 4096 colors - that
should be readily detectable by eye.

However, I can't seem to find any specific mention of color
information on the canon website or the manual.  I would be surprised
if the Digic II processor reads anything less than 24 bits per pixel
off the CCD, but perhaps someone can take apart the mp4 encoded stream
and tell us what the encoded color space really looks like.


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Subject (change) Canon HF100 camcorder (was: [EE] SDHC Cards,was Re:Digital Sound)

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