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Thread: Helmholtz coil manufacturers
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A google search


Brings up two manufacturers on the first page:



Looks like the larger fields are custom designs, but perhaps the
smaller fields available in the second link are "off the shelf" items.


On 8/5/08, Jonathan Hallameyer <spamjmhtauSTOPspamspam.....gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm looking to buy a tri-axis helmholtz coil system and having a bit
> of difficulty finding manufacturers of such systems with google, The
> Ive found a couple, but the majority of the results are technical
> papers and links to patent sites. Anyone know of any manufacuturers,
> or a better search engine to use? Ive tried globalspec but that
> returns nothing at all for "helmholtz"
> Thanks,
> Jonathan Hallameyer
> -
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