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Thread: Canon HF100 camcorder (was: [EE] SDHC Cards,was Re: Digital Sound)
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Vitaliy wrote:
>> So, Adam, how has this nice looking camera been doing?
> Yeah, you promised to tell us more! :)

I'm not Adam (whoever that is), but I got my son a HF100 for birthday and
highschool graduation.  I'm impressed with the camera itself.  Two hours of
HD video at the highest quality setting on a 16Mb card is fine.  The image
quality is good too, although you can sometimes still see compression
artifacts when there is lots of motion.  The highest quality setting is

This is a rapidly advancing field, so I'm sure there will be something
better out in 6 months, but the HF100 looks like the best tradeoff for a
affordable personal HD video camera today.

The problem is the video editing software.  The stuff that comes with the
camera is way too slow unless maybe you have a top of the line fully souped
up desktop system.  It was unusable on my son's laptop.  We got the Ulead
video editing software ($80 download).  It works on smaller systems because
it has what they call a "proxy" mode.  The high res HD is essentially
precomputed into low res that you do the editing with, then the final result
is of course rendered from the original high res HD.

The Pinnacle software was the other contender, but it wasn't clear whether
they had anything like this proxy mode and there was no free trial, so we
got the Ulead software and are happy with it.  You do need the Ulead version
11.5, not 11.0.  Version 11.5 adds support for importing the ADVCHD
(something like that) files the HF100 camera creates.  Version 11.0 can't.
You end up buying 11.0, despite what the screen says when you click BUY NOW,
then you have to add the free upgrade to 11.5 separately.  They could have
made that easier and less confusing, but after the initial hassle all works
as expected.

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Subject (change) Canon HF100 camcorder (was: [EE] SDHC Cards,was Re: Digital Sound)

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