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Tap Plastics "How to make a ..." instructional video series.


No doubt they'd like you to use their products where
relevant :-)


       Introduction to TAP Mold Making Products
       How to build a Mold Box
       How to make a Latex Mold
       How to make a Urethane Mold
       How to make a simple Silicone Mold Part 1
       How to make a simple Silicone Mold Part 2
       How to build a Plastic Heat Bender
       How to bend Plastic
       How to apply Window Film
       How to select Window Film
       How to apply Vinyl Graphics
       How to cut Plastic Sheet
       How to use Ultra-Glo and Ultra-Seal
       How to glue Acrylic
       Cast embedments in Clear Resin
       How to make a two-part mold
       How to repair scratched CDs, DVDs, iPods and more
       How to repair Gelcoat Part 1
       How to repair Gelcoat Part 2
       How to repair and glue Polyethylene and Seaboard
       How to protect your LCD or DLP TV
       How to build a Box with Plastic

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