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Thread: Nickel prices
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> sergio masci wrote:
> >> I'm not sure exactly what happened, but it was either (A)
> increase in
> >> demand
> >> (B) reduction in supply or (C) both. Let us know what you
> find out,
> >> Russell.
> >> :)
> >
> > You forgot (D) manipulation of the market
> Which is a special case of (B). :)

B & D are indeed related.

BHP in Australia shut down a plant a few months ago, causing a rise in
prices.  Although there are many nickel suppliers worldwide, you could still
rig the market as supply is tight.  It doesn't really work for some other
metals, eg gold, as it's essentially a useless metal.  The Australian
Goverenment once did the opposite, it dumped a lot of gold, making the price

Another reason nickel prices are falling is due to second sourcing, since
the price has been high enough for long enough, low yield areas (Asia) are
coming on-line.  It's a bit like when oil prices go up, people start taking
about mining shale oil.  That never seems to happen though.


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