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> I'm not a market price follower of any product normally.
> This one happens to be of relevance to me as it affects NimH
> battery prices (or should).
> Will have relevance to many people here.
> Interesting to see how "markets" play fast and loose with our craft.
> Fascinating (to me) to see the changes which have occurred in
> the last months and years.
>         www.kitcometals.com/charts/nickel_historical_large.html
> 1 year price drop is about 8/13.
> We are actually almost back to a 5 year historical level
> after a 4x increase starting about 2.5 years ago. I'm sure
> there are excellent reasons why. I haven't found out why.
> It would be a great shame if I should come to feel that this
> and similar things were of relevance to me after all these years ;-).

Maybe China is shutting down for a while while the Olympics are on.


2/3rds of nickel goes towards stainless steel (the good 3xx stuff, not the
4xx they put on your fridge or makes spoons out of).  Ni-xxx batteries are
small change.

The price went up due to increased demand for stainless steel, various
nickel producers not getting their acts together and herd mentality.  Now
the opposite has happened, so the price is going down.  It's not expected to
back up anytime soon.  Many users of stainless steel have either switched
varieties, or accepted versions with less nickel.

At one of my jobs I get a daily email showing commodity prices with
anaylsis.  I'm not sure why I get it, but it's rather fascinating at times.
This price crash was supposed to happen, it's been predicted since the start
of the year.  I haven't been there for a few months, but will be next week.
I should check my mail to see if there's anything interesting.


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