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Thought about EE
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I'm not a market price follower of any product normally.
This one happens to be of relevance to me as it affects NimH
battery prices (or should).
Will have relevance to many people here.
Interesting to see how "markets" play fast and loose with
our craft.

Fascinating (to me) to see the changes which have occurred
in the last months and years.


1 year price drop is about 8/13.
We are actually almost back to a 5 year historical level
after a 4x increase starting about 2.5 years ago. I'm sure
there are excellent reasons why. I haven't found out why.

It would be a great shame if I should come to feel that this
and similar things were of relevance to me after all these
years ;-).


<01ae01c8f3d2$1026d040$e701a8c0@y2k> 7bit

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