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Thread: NASA - Antarctic was once much warmer
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NASA    July 23, 2008

   "A new fossil discovery – the first of its kind from the
whole of the Antarctic continent- provides scientists with
new evidence to support the theory that the polar region was
once much warmer.

The discovery by an international team of scientists is
published today in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. It
involved researchers from the University of Leicester, North
Dakota State University, the British Geological Survey,
Queen Mary University of London, and Boston University.


"Notwithstanding the significance of the fossil
preservation, the presence of lake ostracods at this
latitude, 77 degrees south, is also of great note. Present
conditions in this Antarctic region show mean annual
temperatures of minus 25 degrees C. These are impossible
conditions to sustain a lake fauna with ostracods."

"The fossils therefore show that there has been a
substantial and very intense cooling of the Antarctic
climate after this time interval that is important for
tracking the development of the Antarctic icesheet – a key
factor in understanding the effects of global warming.

... "


And all done with a straight face.


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