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Thread: :: NASA confirms liquid lake on surface of Titan
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Hi Russell,

Out of curiosity, I worked out how long the world's present energy
consumption could be supplied by such a lake:

Volume of Lake Ontario=393 cubic miles=1.6e12 cubic meters
Assume for simplicity's sake it is pure liquid methane. Then the
density would be about 422kg/m^3
You can get as much as 50MJ per kg from methane combustion, although I
used half of this considering the need to warm it up and the max
efficiency of a thermal engine: 25MJ/kg

The world present energy use per year is about 5e20 J (as of 2005).

(1.6e12*422*25e6)/5e20=33.76 years

At this rate, the lake would last 34 years. Not all that long!

Then again, this side-steps all the trouble which you would have to
take in order to transport it back to Earth (unless you were thinking
of some ways to use it out in space, such as fuel for a spacecraft or
a settlement on a planet).


On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 11:47 PM, Apptech <spamapptechspam.....paradise.net.nz> wrote:
> As one such lake is about as large as Lake Ontario (so now
> named "Ontario Lacus ") and is believed to be filled with
> liquid Ethane and Methane it may, one day, prove 'quite
> useful'. (Atmosphere is ~ 95% Nitrogen with a Methane liquid
> cycle and Ethane is formed from sunlight decomposition of
> Methane
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Subject (change) :: NASA confirms liquid lake on surface of Titan

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