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Thread: Beacon system for position location
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I'm not an expert in this but I don't think this is quite right.

DGPS can be used to correct for errors caused by the ionosphere, which
as I understand it is the principal source of error in the present
system. As the signals go through the atmosphere, they experience a
varying propagation delay. However, if you measure the signals at two
points on the earth which are very close, then it is pretty guaranteed
that the two paths they took will have been through the same volume of
atmosphere/ionosphere, so whatever path length error is introduced
will be the same for both, being common-mode error not differential
mode error.

I'm under the impression that a decent, run of the mill GPS receiver
with a full view of the sky typically gets in the 3 to 5 meter
accuracy range presently. I also thought that DGPS could get you
sub-meter, and that differential carrier-phase GPS could get you to
centimeter accuracy (but would cost something like $20k at least). If
you have access to the second GPS signal frequency, that can help even
further (I think that one is still encrypted).


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