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Thread: Beacon system for position location
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That should work to some degree but not down to 6 inches unless you
use specialized differential GPS equipment.

I'm afraid that there is no cheap way to do what you want, Kevin. It
is a pretty hard problem, especially without line of sight.

What I'd be inclined to do is use odometry on the wheels most of the
time and just have some system for updating the position at some known
points to get rid of drift. For example, you could place several known
position markers in the yard and make sure that the robot goes past
them at least once per 100 feet of travel or somesuch. Also, you could
use a line of sight positioning method and just use odometry to handle
the times when there is no line of sight.

A final possibility would be to place some markers around the yard
which could be seen by a camera on the robot. Depending on which ones
it sees at which locations it could figure out is location.


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