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Thread: Single blade helicopter (was: Now that is how I want toget to work ...)
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On 7/30/08, Matthew Rhys-Roberts <RemoveMEmattspam_OUTspamnu-ins.com> wrote:
> On an experimental aircraft related note, does anyone recall a HUGE
> single-bladed monocopter made by (AFAIK) the US military? I saw this in
> a rotorcraft book in my youth, and once for a few seconds on TV. The
> rotor went around at about 1cps. I think there was a great big
> counterweight opposing the one blade/wing in order to keep it as stable
> as they could.

Perhaps the results of this search will help you find it:

Here is a discussion of the idea in general:

Here are two examples:

I'm curious about the failure mode - when the engine stops turning the
blade I assume it autorotates like any other helicopter, but does it
do so unevenly?  Is it possible that it might stall rather than turn?


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Subject (change) Single blade helicopter (was: Now that is how I want toget to work ...)

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