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Thread: Quickest way to get an ICD-2 to program a PIC
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> I'm looking for the most direct way of blowing established PIC code (I
> guess it's the .HEX file) into any particular PIC, using a straight
> WinPC and an ICD-2 programmer, so that the operator of this procedure
> doesn't have to worry about opening projects, compiling etc.
> All suggestions gratefully appreciated.
> Matt Rhys-Roberts
> --

On the older Promates, I used to have DOS batch files that would send
commands to the Promate. I had one batch file for each product and a menu
to select the batch files. I don't think there's a command line interface
to the ICD-2, though. That would be kind of nice.

Having used the Promate, Promate II, and now the PM3 for production, the
SD card on the PM3 is nice. The programmer stands alone in production and
the user selects the product from the menu on the PM3. The "environment"
is read from the SD card and the devices programmed. All the products fit
on a single SD card that is always in the programmer.

So... that does not answer the ICD-2 question. I also don't like
production having to dig through MPLAB just to program a chip.


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