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>> www.nzherald.co.nz/section/story.cfm?c_id=5&objectid=10524334
>> Just needs to fly a bit higher ...
> Alan, you might not have noticed I posted a lot about that
> under [TECH]
> Seeing as you've already opened it with [EE]

I've been biting my tongue, as it were, on this for some
days, but ...

I do hate to participate in tall poppy lopping with a fellow
NZer in the news, but, it's not obvious how this is new,
innovative or especially liable to do any better than the
numerous other attempts that it follows - some decades old.

There was a recent (few years) effort that looked very very
similar in concept but with larger rotors and a better
appearance. AFAIR one of the people on this list or perhaps
ARocket were on the development team and, they recounted,
were largely not listened to as the project self destructed.

Here we are - Solotrek.
LOOKS fantastic. WAS Fantastic - too much so.

Springtail and XFV




ALLEGEDLY still alive ... ? as at 2007


   More pictures    http://www.trekaero.com/Trek_Photos.htm

The current Martin 'Jetpack' is short on stability at
present. Even a 6 foot high to and fro unassisted demo would
have been far far far more impressive. John Carmack's 'lunar
lander' beats it to a pulp at present.


Here are only a few of the past efforts.
Some extremely successful in their niche.


The soldier in/on the HZ-1 deserves several medals for

The Hiller VZ-1 Pawnee looks somewhat safer to fall off, if
not to fly.
The Piasecki VZ-8 Air Geep looks awesome and was a
successful demonstrator.

The Williams Wasp ***WAS*** a manned JET powered flying
platform with impressive performance.

There were numerous other attempts of variable successs.

1 man strap on helicopter

The man who made its engine - and much else.
Search page for Hoppi - or read it all !!!



Many photos



Hiller Rotorcycle
Specs but no photo here



NASA 1970
Simulator therefore



Sleep time ...


<02fb01c8f24d$b52ce100$e701a8c0@y2k> 7bit

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