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Thread: A political statement
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1)  I find Vitaliy to amazingly eloquent ( plus I agree with him 95%  
of the time )
2)  I think Russell's post are too brilliant to be wasted on the  
3)  Everything I advocate ( including killing everyone in IRAQ ) is  
predicated on organizing voluntary behaviour between adults.  
Behaviour that does not interfere with the right of every individual  
( not just US citizens ) to enjoy liberty and pursue happiness.  I do  
not want any of my favourite agendas ( hydrogen economy, iPhone  
hegemony, ........ ) to be put in place using the force of guns,  
laws, regulations, over-weaning government.  If I can't self-fund a  
project or talk some investors into supporting the project  
voluntarily .... well, then ; furgettaboutit.
4) The idea of voting for national leaders who feel empowered to  
speak and act for the "people" causes all the neurons in my brain to  
shut down simultaneously in self-protection.


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