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Thread: : Al Gore - A Generational Challenge to Repower America
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A dream you can touch, hold, buy, and most surprisingly, actually drive.
Must update my dictionary, unless you meant to say the Tesla is dreamy.

The battery pack weighs about 400kg, and being lithium, quite pricey.  How
much that is of the total vehicle cost is unknown.  Anyway, it's expensive,
so what?  DVD players are practically given away, quite a change from being
a grand or two initially.

The Toyota Prius battery pack initially used NiMH, and was ~$AU10k-15k.
Life expectancy was about 10 years.  Tesla claim theirs will last 100,000km,
say 5 years.  Fair enough, don't forget the maintenance cost of the Tesla is
lower, no oil changes, no fuel pump to replace, spark plugs, rings etc to
worry about.

Few people do trips in excess of 350km.  You drive to work, you drive home.
50km?  Odds are it's less, my round trip is under 20km.  (I usually take a
train, but the point still stands.)  Topping up the battery could be done
from a standard ~2000 watt socket overnight.

Getting 3-phase or a high-amp circuit isn't hard, nor expensive.

Otherwise, get a horse.


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