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Thread: Multiplication/ Division
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threewheeler7 wrote:
> is it possible to do multiplication or division on two registers, instead of
> one being a literal constant?

Ehm I sure hope so, otherwise I think you'd have a crippled processor.
Take the following simple code for instance:

   int i = GetInputFromPortOrWhatever();

   int j = GetInputFromPortOrWhatever();

   PORTC = i * j;

>  lets say i have a routine that flashes an led
> "x" number of times with "t" amount of time between flashes. i would like to
> write a routine that instead of feeding the first routine t; it would take
> the "total time" (in ms) i want the flashing routine to run for, and divide
> it by "x", to get "t". so each time it is executed, "x" and "total time" may
> me different.

I did something very similar to this in my Connect4 project. Reading
your paragraph above I can only assume that the LED is on for the same
amount of time that it's off.

(Disclaimer: Rushed, unchecked code likely to contain a bug or two)

void FlashLED(unsigned const amount_flashes, long unsigned const
   long unsigned const delay = duration / amount_flashes / 2;

       RA0 = 1;

       RA0 = 0;
   } while (--amount_times);

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