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Thread: : Al Gore - A Generational Challenge to Repower America
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On Mon, 28 Jul 2008, Matthew Miller wrote:
> One thing that would help transportation would be to allocate all petroleum
> and coal solely to the use of transportation. Don't use these two
> nonrenewable resources to produce electricity, which can be better done
> using nuclear, geothermal, and ect.

In the future the question will be asked of us...

"Why did those idiots BURN all the oil?  Didn't they realise you can make
plastic out of it?"

If we run into a petroleum shortage, our cars not being able to run won't
me much of an issue if there is no plactics industry to make all the bits
needed for them and everything else in our modern life.

I wonder what we could have come up with if we had spent all the
war-for-oil money on actual research and cleaner fuels.  Oh well, that
war spent all our money, and our kids, and probably our grandkids so
at least we don't have to decide what we could do with it anymore.

Ian Smith
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