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Thread: : Al Gore - A Generational Challenge to Repower America
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>> I am assuming we build more nuclear power, as it's the
>> only means I can
>> think of that could replace petroleum use.

I can't imagine why. There are many many potential sources
of "non transportable" energy. Nuclear is one of many. It
needs to have it's true cost assessed to see where /if it
fits in. So far "true cost" is about impossible to assess.
If regulatory issues were reduced to insanely low levels and
the industry was required to stand on its own feet with
respect to eg insurance costs, unsupported by special
legislative  protection, then it MAY be possible to
determine a true cost. Provided you could find even a single
reputable insurer with deep enough pockets who would be
willing to insure them. Historically the distortions offered
by special protection, even without considering any other
factors, make open market cost assessment impossible.

Pebble bed and friends MAY make the system safer in
operation but don't address all the issues. FWIW, world
uranium resources are finite and small(even if Australian
reserves were available). Not enough to build a future on
UNLESS we go to breeder reactors. While true open market
insurance costs for existing reactors are about impossible
to find, the potential 'political' issues which inseparably
accompany breeder reactors are at a far higher level again.
Plutonium tends to polarise debate.


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